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&Ratia N Quick Hot Body Gel 200g / アンドラティア クィックホットボディジェル 200g

&Ratia N Quick Hot Body Gel 200g / アンドラティア クィックホットボディジェル 200g

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A slimming gel for the full body specially made for the areas of concern such as the butts, thighs and stomach.
Effectively eliminates cellulite with 5 slimming ingredients.
It is also recommended for those who suffer from water retention and metabolism.

  1. Improve slimming effect→ New ingredient combination incorporating 5 slimming ingredients and mechanisms
  2. Improve moisturizing effect → " Squalene, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, acetyl hyaluronic acid Na" and 3 additional moisturizing ingredients are added
  3. Improve penetration capacity of Collagen→ Based on the evolution of beauty ingredient research, we added ingredient, succinyl atelocollagen that has a high penetrating power and a high affinity with collagen in the dermis.
  4. Improved stickiness feeling after application.→ In order to improve the sticky feeling peculiar to the extract essence, by combining various beauty extracts which increased to 19 kinds with the optimal combination, its improved stickiness and beauty effect at the same time.
How to use
  • Use the entire palm to massage the upper arm, waist, abdomen, legs, and other parts you want to shape up. (Soft parts such as the inner thighs and the back of the arms)
  • It is effective to put on "& Ratia Supporter" after the massage. Just relax for about 50 minutes and the area you care about will be tightened.

A component called "vanillyl butyl" is added as a renewal ingredient to eliminate warmth and swelling for customers with normal skin. If someone has sensitive/ thinner skin or is easy to sweat, don't apply to the inflamed, swelled or scratched area, it may cause irritation and the skin may turn red.

Not recommended following cases :

  1. Before bathing
  2. After exercise, if your body has water such as sweat
    *Please use it only after the water is wiped off.

For first-time use and those with sensitive or thin skin, please apply in a small area. After checking compatibility with the skin, widen the application area.
If you experience irritation, reduce the amount used and apply a smaller amount over a thin area to check the skin condition before usage.

Water, Ethanol, Glycerin, PVP, Pentylene Glycol, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Polyglyceryl-10 laurate, K Hydroxide, Caffeine, Glycyrrhizic Acid 2K, Grapefruit Peel Oil, Banilyl Butyl, BG, Etidronate 4Na, Squalane, Rice Bran Soybean Peptide Fermented Product, Citrus Aurantium Amara(bitter orange) Flower Extract, Acetyl Hyaluronate Na, Hyaluronate Na, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Ammonium Glycyrrhizinate, Succinic Acid 2Na, Combretum Micranthum Leaf Extract, Threonine, Niacinamide, Lespedeza Capitata Extract, Guava Leaf Extract, Lecithin, Argemone Mexicana Callus Extract, Butcher Bloom Root Extract, Hydrangea Serrata Leaf Extract, Cacao Extract, Ginger Root Extract, Hydrolyzed Elastin, Wolverakutka Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Chi Extract, Succinoyl Atelocollagen, Centella Asiatica Extract, Palmitic Acid Carnitine, Phosphate 2Na, Phosphoric Acid K, Marjoram Leaf Extract, Arnica Flower Extract, Horse Chestnut Seed Extract, Fucus Vesiculosus Extract, wild thyme extract

Note : Delivery within Singapore area Only



  1. 痩身効果アップ→5つの痩身成分・メカニズムを組み込んだ新成分配合
  2. 保水力アップ→「スクラワン、加水分解ヒアルロン酸、アセチルヒアルロン酸Na」と3つの保湿成分を追加配合
  3. コラーゲン補充アップ→美容成分研究の進化により、さらに浸透力が強く真皮中のコラーゲンと親和性が高い成分(サクシノイルアテロコラーゲン)を配当
  4. 塗布後のベタつき感改善 →エキス特有のベタつき感を改善するため、多種美容エキス(19種に増加)を最適配合で組み合わせる事でベタつきの解消と美容効果を同時にアップ


  • 二の腕、ウエスト、お腹まわり、脚などシェイプアップしたい部分用を、手のひら全体を使ってマッサージします。(内もも、腕の裏側など、やわらかい部分)
  • マッサージ後、「&Ratia サポーター」を装着すると効果的です。約50分間リラックスするだけで、気になる部分がすっきりと引き締まります。





使用 5 种纤体成分有效消除脂肪团。


  1. 提升瘦身效果→ 5种瘦身成分与机制的全新成分组合。
  2. 提高保湿效果→添加“角鲨烯、水解透明质酸、乙酰透明质酸Na”等3种保湿成分。
  3. 提高胶原蛋白的渗透能力→ 基于美容成分研究的发展,我们在真皮中添加了具有高渗透力和与胶原蛋白高亲和力的成分琥珀酰去端胶原。
  4. 改善涂抹后的粘腻感。→ 为了改善提取精华特有的粘腻感,将增加到19种的各种美容提取物进行最佳组合,同时改善粘稠感和美容效果。


用整个手掌按摩上臂、腰部、腹部、腿部等想要塑形的部位。 (大腿内侧、手臂后部等柔软部位)

按摩后穿上“& Ratia Supporter”效果显着。 只需放松约50分钟,您关心的区域就会收紧。


一种称为“香草基丁基”的成分,作为更新成分添加,可为皮肤正常的客户消除温暖和肿胀。 如果皮肤敏感、皮肤较薄或容易出汗的人,请勿将其涂抹在发炎、肿胀或抓伤的部位,否则可能会引起刺激,皮肤可能会变红。 









Note : Delivery within Singapore area Only

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