MT Protection UV Base Cream(Pink/Yellow/Brown/Ochre)

MT Protection UV Base Cream(Pink/Yellow/Brown/Ochre)

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It is the makeup base cream that does not cause a burden to the skin through protection from ultraviolet rays by SPF 26 and PA++ even in summer. It smoothens the texture of the skin and combines fat-soluble vitamins C and vitamin E to protect the skin from oxidation damage.
4 types of natural colors fit your skin perfectly to make your skin looks smooth and lively. It has enough covering power even without foundation for a short time outing.

  • Fat-soluble vitamins C
  • Vitamin E
  • E-antioxidation: Improvement of skin trouble
  • 4 colors variation: Pink beige / natural yellow / ocher / brown


SPF 26PA+的化妆品基础霜。即使在夏天也不会对皮肤造成负担,保护皮肤免受紫外线的伤害。它能抚平皮肤纹理,并结合脂溶性维生素C和维生素E,保护皮肤免受氧化损伤。


  • 脂溶性维生素C
  • 维生素E
  • E-抗氧化:对皮肤病的改善
  • 4种颜色选择:粉米色/天然黄色/黄橙色/棕色