MT Facial Foaming Wash

MT Facial Foaming Wash

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It is a gentle foam-type face wash that removes dirt effectively. It contains Carnosine and fat-soluble vitamin C. You can also use it for sensitive skin at ease.

  • Glycyrrhiza extract

           - Anti-inflammation and antiallergic

  • Carnosine

           - Antioxidation and anti-saccharification action. It prevents deterioration of                             collagen in the dermis and activates fibroblast

  • Vitamin C

           - Formation of ceramide-collagen, pigment reduction action, antioxidant action


  •  甘草提取物

            - 抗炎、抗过敏

  •  肌肽

           - 抗氧化抗糖化作用。它可以防止真皮中胶原蛋白的退化,并激活成纤维细胞

  • 维生素C

           - 神经酰胺胶原蛋白的形成,色素还原作用,抗氧化作用