MT Essential Cream

MT Essential Cream

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It cures skin aging and improves the conditions of wrinkles and sagging.
It is the cream that helps to achieve youthful skin, compensating oil and moisture required for the skin.

  • Carnosine:

          - Suppress the active oxygen caused by ultraviolet rays
          - Prevent tissue damage by saccharification
          - Activate the fibroblast, and increase collagen production capacity

  • DMAE:

          - Give moderate tones to muscles, and reduce the wrinkles and sagging

  • Vitamin E, Tocopherol, Tocotrienol:

          - Powerful antioxidant ingredient


  • 肌肽:

           - 抑制紫外线引起的活性氧
           - 通过糖化防止组织损伤。
           - 激活成纤维细胞,提高胶原蛋白生产能力。

  • DMAE:

           - 给肌肉以适度的张力,减少皱纹和下垂。

  • 维生素E,生育酚,生育三烯:

           - 一种强大的抗氧化剂成分