MT Colloidal Mineral Wash 100g

MT Colloidal Mineral Wash 100g

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MT Colloidal Mineral Wash is an excellent facial wash to remove dirt even from the pores.
The rich whipping cream-like foams not only adsorbs dirt, excess sebum and old keratin but also refine pores as well. Deeply cleansed skin improves the absorption of skincare products remarkably.

  • Maifan stone

          - High adsorptive power.

  • Ghassoul

          - Lake mud of the ancient times collected only at the Atlas Mountains (elevation                more than 4000m) in Morocco

  • Sea silt (sea mud from Okinawa)

         - The sea mud which exists only in the specific area of the sea in Okinawa, consists             of fine particles and has high adsorptive power.

  • Kaolin/talc

          - Sebum adsorption.

  • Glycylglycine

         - Pore tightening ingredient


  • 麦饭石

          - 高吸附能力

  • 加苏尔

          - 古代的湖泥仅在摩洛哥的阿特拉斯山脉(海拔4000米以上)收集

  • 海泥(冲绳的海泥)

          - 海泥仅存在于冲绳特定海域,由细颗粒组成,具有很高的吸附能力。

  • 高岭土/滑石

         - 皮脂吸附。

  • 甘氨酸

        - 毛孔紧致成分