MT Bright Up Cream

MT Bright Up Cream

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It contains Tranexamic Acid which suppresses the secretion of transmitter leading to dry rough skin or excessive melanin, Glycyrrhizic acid dipotassium with the outstanding anti-inflammation effect, and Oil soluble licorice extract which suppresses the formation of tyrosinase activity.

It improves flecks such as chloasma, gerontomorphic pigment flecks, and provides smooth white skin.

It has the mild scent of natural rose.

  • Tranexamic acid

           - Whitening effect, anti-inflammation effect, improvement of rough skin

  • Glycyrrhizic acid dipotassium

           - Anti-inflammation effect

  • Oil soluble licorice extract

           - Inhibition of tyrosinase activity, and inhibition of formation of melanin




  • 氨甲环酸

          - 美白效果、抗炎效果、改善粗糙肌肤

  • 甘草酸二钾

          - 抗炎作用

  •  油溶性甘草提取物

          - 抑制酪氨酸酶活性和抑制黑色素形成