&Ratia Premium Fine 70 tablets / アンドラティア プレミアムファイン 70粒

&Ratia Premium Fine 70 tablets / アンドラティア プレミアムファイン 70粒

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It not only eliminates constipation, but also helps to create a healthy environment in your stomach which not cause constipation. It is blended nine kinds of ingredients which is essential for relieving constipation.

  • Promote the discharge of accumulated waste products
  • Activates growth hormone with deep sleep due to good environment of stomach
  • Eliminates undigested substances and waste products and cleans inside of intestinal

Recommended for these people

  • Who are worried about swelling in the morning or evening
  • Who do not feel refreshed even if they had an bowel movement
  • Who are worried about pot belly
  • Who often eat meat and fatty foods
  • Who do not lose weight even after restriction of meal
  • Who have constipation
  • Who are concerned about unhealthy skin

How to use
If you have constipation or if you feel not refreshed, or if your stomach is bloated, please take 5 tablets daily.
*There are some individual differences depending on who eats it. If you feel uncomfortable, please adjust by reducing the daily consumption.

It is recommended to take it before go to bed.
While you are sleeping, peristaltic movements of the intestines are active. By taking it before going to bed, it will help you to have bowl movement after waking up.

330mg × 70 tablets

Candle bush, maltitol, papaya extract powder (maltodextrin, papaya extract), peach flower extract powder (peach flower extract, maltodextrin), milk calcium, α-lipoic acid, lactic acid bacteria (sterilization), salacia reticulata extract Powder, Houttuynia cordata extract, Gymnema Sylvestre leaf extract powder, Rooibos tea powder, Eucommia ulmoides leaf extract, Fermented plant extract (rice bran, guava, soybean) / crystalline cellulose, quercetin, calcium stearate, silicon dioxide, (including some milk ingredients and soybeans)



  • 溜まってしまった老廃物の排出を促す
  • 腸内環境を整え、ぜん動運動を活発にするスムーズな眠りで、成長ホルモンを活性化
  • 末消化物や老廃物を解消し、腸内の汚れを掃除


  • 朝や夕方のむくみが気になる方
  • お通じがあってもスッキリしない方
  • ポッコリおなかが気になる方
  • 肉や脂肪の多い食べ物を良く食べる方
  • ダイエットしてもなかなか痩せない方
  • 便秘の方
  • 肌荒れが気になる方

便秘と感じたら、スッキリしなかったら、ポッコリお腹が気になったら 1日5粒お召し上がりください。



キャンドルブッシュ、マルチトール、パパイヤ抽出物末(マルトデキストリン、パパイヤ抽出物)、桃の花エキス末(桃の花エキス、マルトデキストリン)、ミルクカルシウム、α-リポ酸、乳酸菌(殺菌)、サラシアレティキュラータエキス末、ドクダミエキス、ギムネマエキス末、ルイボス茶エキス末、杜仲葉エキス、植物発酵エキス(米ぬか、グアバ、大豆) / 結晶セルロース、ケルセチン、ステアリン酸カルシウム、二酸化ケイ素、(一部に乳成分・大豆を含む)