&Ratia Phat Burn 30 packets / アンドラティア ファットバーン 30包

&Ratia Phat Burn 30 packets / アンドラティア ファットバーン 30包

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Contain a new material, "Neem Leaf Extract," which has the dual function of suppressing appetite and burning fat due to increasing of adiponectin, fat burning hormone.

  • Activate enzymes in muscles without using physical activity and utilize sugar and fat as energy
  • Enhances the function of leptin, a satiety hormone
  • Cuts excess calories such as sugars and fats and suppresses appetite to prevent eating too much.
In addition, it is a supplement that promotes efficient burning of accumulated fat.
  1. Includes "Cyclodextrin" which has stronger cutting power more than "Chitosan" instead.
    It promotes to discharge the extra fat in the meal to the outside of the body. The adsorption capacity is 16 times more than chitosan! It also has the effect of suppressing the absorption of sugar and strengthens the sugar cut function.
    *Crab allergy (shellfish allergy)-free, plant-derived super fiber (dietary fiber).
  2. Add "Black Ginger" to improve fat burning effect
    Ginger is a plant that improves the circulation of the body and play important roles in muscle growth.
  3. By taking "black pepper extract", it improves metabolism
    Promote fat burning.

Recommended for these people

  • Who is worried about current body figure
  • Who eat a lot of sugar and fatty food
  • Who dine out and eat many instants food
  • Who tend to have snacks and supper

How to use
Take 1 to 3 sachets daily before or after meal.
*If you take only 1 packet per day, please take it before the meal which is the heaviest meal.

363 mg x 4 tablets x 30 packets

Beer yeast (domestic production), Salacia reticulata extract, Garcinia extract, pepper powder, hydrogenated rapeseed oil, maltodextrin, yeast peptide, starch, Coleus forskohlii extract, coffee bean extract, plant fermented extract (rice bran, guava, soybean) , Black pepper extract, black ginger extract, neem leaf extract, dextrin / cyclodextrin, gelatin, colorant (titanium oxide), (some include soybean / gelatin)




  1. これまでの「キトサン」に代わり、カットするパワーがさらに強い「シクロデキストリン」を配合 ⇒食事の中の余分な脂を包接して体外への排出をうながします。
  2. 「ブラックジンジャー」を追加し黒のパワーで脂肪燃焼効果アップ⇒ショウガ科の植物で、身体のサイクルをアップさせ、筋肉の成長にかかわる成分。
  3. 「黒胡椒抽出物」を摂ることで、代謝&効果アップ⇒脂肪燃焼を促します。


  • 今の体型が気になる方
  • 糖分や油っぽい食事が多い方
  • 外食やインスタントが多い方
  • ついつい間食や夜食をしてしまう方