&Ratia N Washing 100g / アンドラティア ウォッシング 100g

&Ratia N Washing 100g / アンドラティア ウォッシング 100g

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Washing is to remove dirt from pores with foamed well soap. It gently peels off old harden skin cells to brightens up skin tones. It’s suitable for all skin types.

  • Cleans up dirt and other unnecessary sebum by washing your face daily to keep your skin clean and problem-free skin
  • Contains palm oil-based cleaning ingredients that gently wash your skin even if you wash it every day. Removes dirt as well as moisturize your skin.
  • With a soft and delicate foam like a whipped cream, it is soft and smooth.

How to use
Take a small, about 1cm in the palm. Add water little by little to make rich foam. Then start from the T-zone, which has comparatively concentration of sebum. Next gently work the wash into the rest of the face. Wrap face with hand full of foam and massage face gently. Rinse well with water.

Water, myristic acid, BG, glycerin, hydroxylated K, stearic acid, stearic acid glyceryl, rice bran soybean peptide fermentation thing, guava leaf extract, citric acid, hyaluronic acid Na, hydrogenation lecithin, malic acid, palm fatty acid K, hydrolysis yeast extract, rosemary extract, brown algae extract, loquat leaf extract, peach leaf extract, eriobotrya japonica leaf extract, button extract, peony extract, witch hazel, clove extract, say Yaw wound Tae kiss, St. John's wort extract, sodium lauroyl glutamate Na, horse chestnut tree extract, ethanol, phenoxyethanol, grape leaf extract, arnica montana flower extract