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Cenz Magma Mineral Tablet

Cenz Magma Mineral Tablet

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Mineral balance of Plant Magma

It is important for plant magma to maintain a mineral balance that is close to that of nature. Therefore, when comparing the mineral balance of plants and plant magma, it was found that wild plants contained the most calcium, followed by potassium, silicon, phosphorus, magnesium, followed by chlorine, sodium, and iron.

Plant magma has almost the same mineral balance, which is very close to the mineral balance of the human body. Therefore, plant magma is easily accepted by the human body, and its good points work on our bodies.

Since ancient times, wild plants have supported human life as food. The plant magma, which consists of wild plants, it is a matter of course that it has the same mineral balance as the human body. By the way, the mineral balance of common cultivated plants has a lot of potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium due to the influence of chemical fertilizers. It has become something far removed from plant.


Wild kudzu, knotweed, kaya and mugwort harvested from pristine, chemical-free sites wild grasses and tree leaves such as gi, houttuynia cordata, horsetail, bamboo, udo, gishigishi, makomo, sawtooth oak, persimmon, and kelp, wakame seaweed, hijiki, seaweed such as sargassum. Plants with high fertility, as well as land and sea plants are selected in a well-balanced manner.

Manufacturing Method

Foreign matter such as dust, soil, and stones are removed from wild, tree leaves, and seaweed, washed with water, and dried. Then, using a refractory gas furnace, 50 heats at 0 degrees to carbonize and incinerate. The second time does the same thing at 900 degrees, and the third time, raise it to 2000 degrees and melt it. Plant magma is a certain balance of minerals in the melt produced by this process.


  1. It is completely inorganic and is the mineral balance of plants nurtured by nature.
  2. It shows the distribution of minerals suitable for living organisms and their activities.
  3. It shows alkalinity and has high reducing power to prevent oxidation that rusts the living body.
  4. The adverse effects on living organisms are extremely small.
  5. It has the power to suppress the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals.
  • Based on clinical trials, etc., it suppresses the side effects of anticancer drugs and radiation.
  • Inhibits the harmful effects of genotoxic substances with strong mutagenic effects in experimental studies.
  1. Substitute and boost the utility of chemicals.
  • Clinical trials have shown that it enhances the pharmacological effects of anticancer drugs.
  • It has a substitute action for synthetic food additives.
  • Addition of a small amount of about 0.01% to food works effectively.
  1. It has the effect of enhancing the ability to activate the immune system, which is important for life activities, that is, the defense function of the body.
  2. Water-soluble plant mineral solution is effective against various bacteria such as Escherichia coli, MRSA, Serratia marcescens, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella, Escherichia coli O-157, and Vibrio parahaemolyticus. There is a bactericidal effect and bactericidal action.
  3. It purifies air and water.
  4. It has the effect of activating animals, plants, and microorganisms.
  5. Has far infrared effect.
  6. A water-soluble plant mineral liquid is soluble in fat and has an emulsifying effect. There is an inhalation effect through the skin.
  7. Has an antistatic effect.


Fucus, kelp, wakame seaweed, sargassum, arame, cypress, pine, bamboo, kumazasa, kaya, mugwort, knotweed CENZ, which has been reduced and mineralized by heat-treating seaweeds and wild plants with strong vitality such as re-sprouts using a special manufacturing method.

The main component of MAGMA, "wild plant magma," is produced. This tablet type contains plant fermented enzyme extract (enzyme) and antioxidant. It is hardened with moroheiya and prickly pear cactus, which have high chemical power, and does not contain any chemical substances.


Cenz Magma Mineral Tablet


16,200Yen (incl. tax)


~ 50g (Total: 165 pcs)

Direction for Use

5 pcs per day


Dietary Supplement

Nutrition Information

Energy 190kcal, protein 3.3g, fat 2.8g, carbohydrates 37.8g, sodium 2,010mg, Calcium 3,940mg, Iron 672mg, Magnesium 1,080mg, Zinc 14.3mg, Copper 3.85mg, Potassium 3,920mg Phosphorus 511mg Manganese 51.0mg Iodine 33.4mg


Plant ash extract powder, seaweed, fermented plant extract, morokheiya, acerola, prickly pear cactus, Kidachi aloe leaf

Country of Origin



*No Synthetic Chemicals

*Patented Patent No. 4759337

*Food So, there is no problem even if you take it with medicine.

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