Herbal Sitz Bath "La Cage"


What is Herbal Sitz Bath "La Cage"?

Promotes excess sweating by simulating sauna environment in a tent. Prevents gynecological diseases and fatigue through herbs carefully picked by Oriental Medicine doctor!

Would you like to detox your body and relieve female disorders by warming up your body through herbal steam simulation?
Carefully selected herb vapor absorbs directly into uterine mucosa and whole body, promoting sweating by warming the insides of the body.
Prevents gynecological diseases and reset tiredness.


Good for Common Female Issues
Menstrual Cramp, Female Disorders, Postpartum Care, Fatigue Recovery
General Effect
Detox, Minimize Insomnia, Improve Circulation, Skin Care, Fatigue Recovery, Slimming.


Just sit on the chair inside the tent with a bottle of water and towel. Get ready to detox and calm your mind! If it is too warm after some time, plelase open the zip from inside and get some fresh air!

Safety & Effective Tips

  • Remove all metal accessories & contact lens, they can become hot and uncomfortable in the steam environment.
  • Avoid eating big meals before and after the session.
  • Steamtime limited at mac 30 minutes. 15-20 minutes of steaming is the recommended for most individuals.
  • Please bring along water bottle and towel.
  • During herbal steaming process, drink plenty of water to replace dehydration through perspiration.
  • If it is too hot, open the zip from inside to get fresh air.
  • If you feel dizzy or unwell during the session, please step out and leave the room.
  • Do not shower immediately after the session to enable natural penetration of herbal essence to the skin.


1 Session (30 mins)
5 Sessions
(1 session @ $63)
10 Sessions
(1 session @ $59.50)
20 Sessions
(1 session @ $56)
30 Sessions
(1 session @ $49)

Royal Herb Detox Wrap

What is Royal Herb Detox Wrap?

Safe & reliable herbs and minerals are combined to produce 4 powerful effects - Slim, Beautify, Detox and Pelvis Correction!

Surprising Effects

No Rebound
Even when you slim down, your weight will not fall dramatically! Thus reducing any worries about weight rebound. Therefore benefits people with accumulation of fat (cellulite) that is typically difficult to eliminate.
Royal Herb Detox Wrap pushes toxins out of the body, expelled through urine, promoting natural slimming. Herbs continue to penetrate the skin for 3 days after treatment, flushing out toxins and excess fats accumulation through urination.
Herbs that have strong calming, beautifying and whitening effects are blended together, offering a treatment perfect for anyone with concerns about blemishes or sensitive skin. Detox and beautifying effects in Royal Herb Detox Wrap!


Herbs composition

We have fifteen varieties of naturally grown organic herbs, including:
Javanese ginger which gives the skin firmness and stimulates the muscle, Lemongrass helps to reduces swelling, including joint swelling. White turmeric removes active oxygen, controls inflammation. Malm (Moringa) reduces swelling, is an antioxidant. Makhom pom which has skin-regenerating effects, plus Minerals derived from kelp.


Half Body (exc Face)
Full Body (exc Face)
Full Body (inc Face)

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