mediXer Tre Spa  /  メディサー「トレスパ」

mediXer Tre Spa / メディサー「トレスパ」

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Product design that turns everyday life into exercise

The compression pants have obtained "general medical device certification", which is a recognition from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and has been proven to improve water retention problem. By applying an appropriate load, body metabolism is improved. Designed to reduce swelling and shape up without leaving a feeling of fatigue peculiar to exercise.

In addition, not only the legs but also the entire lower body such as the waist and pelvis can be firmly supported.

The product is durable, hard to tear even when it is pulled. Apartfrom that, it always holds the pelvis firmly regardless of the kinds of body movement. 

The special material, "Kodenshi ® ︎" used gives the property of radiating far infrared rays using wearer’s own body temperature. It also leads to a body temperature rhythm that adapts to the environment without bringing down body own temperature. At the same time, blood circulation is improved through comfortable wearing in all seasons.


Size: M / L/ LL / XL

Color: Black

Fabric: Nylon, Polyurethane











サイズM / L / LL / XL